How do I participate in the events?

By purchasing a ticket on tjejerkodar.se. You need to make your own arrangements regarding accommodation and travel.

What does the notification of interest mean?

A notification of interest is not binding and does not guarantee you to participate in an event. If you have submitted a notification of interest, we will contact you as soon as we release tickets to the events you’ve submitted the notification for.

What is included in the ticket price?

JThe ticket price includes usually only the event. In case the ticket price includes additional features this will be specified on the event page. Accommodation and travel is not included in the ticket price if not otherwise specified on the event page.

Can my company pay for my ticket?

Yes. Many of the participants come from companies. You’ll receive a receipt that you can present to your company for their bookkeeping or you can ask the company to purchase the ticket for you.

Can I change course or course orientation?

The tickets are sold for a specific event or event orientation and the number of tickets are limited. Therefore, you cannot change event or event orientation after the ticket purchase.

Can I return my ticket if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can sell your ticket to someone else until 20 days before the event, as long as you notify us who the replacer is. If you have bought the ticket in the capacity of a consumer, partially other rules apply set forth in the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

Who can attend the events?

Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome to the events.

For all terms of purchasing tickets to our events, please read our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. and Privacy Policy