Game Development for Beginners

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We’re going to build a 2D-game that is reminiscent of classic arcade action titles. The game you make will see you control a spaceship in the midst of war, shooting down asteroids and aliens to save the day and get the highest score. Once we have the core systems running there will be plenty of ways that you can shape the project to make it your own.

You’ll get to learn several different programming techniques and the basics of game development using JavaScript and Phaser.IO. The skills you learn will not only be useful in game development, but anywhere you can use JavaScript.

You’ll get to strengthen core programming skills while working with prototypes/objects, manipulating (game) data and designing logical code. We’ll work using industry techniques such as pair programming and GitHub and at the end of the week you’ll get to share what you’ve made with friends via GitHub Pages.

What you will learn

Who is this for

While this course is aimed at beginners, it is expected that you should know a few of the basic concepts of programming before arriving. You don’t need any experience in JavaScript specifically, but you should know about the following core concepts in any programming language.

Information about 100 Tjejer Kodar in Barcelona

This course is a part of 100 Tjejer Kodar in Barcelona – our biggest code camp for the year with 100 participants and five courses in parallell. The course is held at Valkyria Hub Space in Barcelona September 24-29. The fee also includes several networking events during the camp week in Spain. Read more about the full camp, accommodation and events.

Hey, I'm John Wordsworth,

Engine Team Lead at Paradox Interactive with a passion for making awesome games and robust technical solutions.


September 24-29 September 2017. Start Sep. 24 5 PM with welcome mingle, classes are held between Sep. 25-29 9AM-4PM.


For people with some previous experience programming, preferably with JavaScript

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Course ticket, welcome mingle and bye bye party in Barcelona. Accommodation, flight or meals are not included.


6.800kr ex moms

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Paradox Interactive is a leading global publisher of strategy games for PC. Our steadily-growing portfolio includes firmly established PC franchises such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis, Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings, Magicka and the Hearts of Iron series created by Paradox Development Studio.

We share a passion for gaming and gamers and our goal is to provide deep and challenging games with hours of gameplay to our growing 5,000,000+ member community.

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