Day number five in NYC

Posted on January 02, 2017

​The ability to put up with being scared

Today is day number five in New York. It all started off with quite an adventure. We arrived late at night at 7-eleven which has this “key cafe”. You enter a code (which we had gotten from our host) and a box with the keys in it opens. Needless to say we were super tired from the flight and just wanted to go to sleep. We entered the code and got a message that we didn’t have access to any keys. We entered it again. And again. We tried with my email. We called the customer service and gave them all information we had but they could not do anything. We tried to reach our host but she was asleep in Sweden. After a while I remembered that our host had rented out her room to a girl while she was away. So we took a chance and went to the apartment and tried to call it from the entrance. No answer. A guy living in the house came home and we asked if we could sneak in with him to knock on the door to the apartment, which we could. So, I waited downstairs with our luggage as Anders went up the stairs to the 5th floor and knocked on the door. And finally, a newly awake girl opened the door and let us in. Great success!

These first days we have been walking around, getting familiar with the city. Eating great food and fixing stuff to settle in at the apartment. For example, I’ve been searching for one of those “milk frothers” so I can do my bulletproof coffee / fat coffee without a mixer. I think it’s safe to say that they’re not as popular as they used to be. We finally find one at Macy's yesterday. One that they didn’t even know that they had.

I am not sure what I think about the city so far. Since it’s my first time here and it’s been so hyped by everyone I know, I kind of feel like “is this it?”. The people are very nice and it’s easier to eat good food here than in Sweden, especially in restaurants. You can even buy grassfed butter at Whole Foods! And of course there is obviously more of everything. But it’s still pretty much a bigger, dirtier Stockholm. I am trying to find a good gym to go to, and most of them are really expensive. We checked out the cheapest one nearby, and, well. It didn’t even have a wall for handstand practice. It had one rack. The place was pretty much filled with pointless machines.. So the search goes on.

Right now I just want get everything in order so I can start feeling comfortable with all the new places that I will spend my time at the coming months. It takes a while for me to feel at home and I am a worrying person. I had a small breakdown yesterday just questioning this whole thing. Three months is a long time. I think I am a bit worried about starting at RC too, getting to know all the new people, knowing what to build and how to know what to learn. And to be completely honest I am scared of being bad at coding and not fitting in. But I read somewhere that being brave is the ability to put up with being scared. So I’ll just keep being scared and deal with it.

Is there anything in particular you want to know about this whole thing so far, anything you want me to write about? Feel free to write to me on facebook, instagram or to and I’ll see what I can do about it :)

Today I am going on a lunch with some of the women of my batch and the batch that is attending RC right now. I think it will be a great start for my worrying head.

Anders at a nice meatball restaurant.

Breakfast at home and the best kombucha I've tried so far.

Nice and sunny weather yesterday!

Sara Lindström

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