"It’s easier to motivate yourself if your in a group, all doing the same thing"

Posted on March 07, 2016

We've had a chat with the previous participant Mariah about her experiences from our code camps.

Hey Mariah Strengnell, participant at our first camp in Palma and board member of Pepp.

What did you think of the concept programming camp?

Very good. It’s easier to motivate yourself if your a part of a group doing the same thing and intensively focusing for a period.

What was the most unexpected during the camp?

I was very glad and surprised by the fact that the participants had such different backgrounds and work places. Everything from Försäkringskassan, Career Advisors to Robot tTechnologist.

What was the most fun thing about going on code camp?

To let yourself be a nerd for a week together with others with the same objective.

Would you go again?


Thanks Mariah, see you in Barcelona!

Tjejer Kodar

We believe learning should be fun and inspiring. Our courses force you to leave your everyday life and gain new experiences along the way.