Tomorrow became today

Posted on December 28, 2016

Last day at home!

Yesterday I had feelings of separation anxiety. I thought about how much I like our apartment, my friends, the movement group I am practicing with. The area where we live. The gyms I go to. The cafes I have been coding at the last couple of weeks. The grocery store.. Okey not the grocery store, I hate going to the grocery store.. But anyways.. I think it’s because I have started to realize how good 2016 has been to me. Probably the best year in my adult life I would say. Pretty weird since it feels like the world outside is collapsing. I have found new wonderful friends, strengthen relationships with existing ones, starting my movement practice which is just awesome (if you want to know more you can check out my insta sarajohannali and the movement group movementstockholm) and of course Tjejer Kodar, Barcelona and realizing what I want to explore next, CODE! I have gotten better at looking ahead and not dwelling in the past and analyzing things. Things don’t always turn out like you thought they would, so what do you do then? You make a decision about how you want to handle it and then you look forward.

So with all of this in mind, it felt a bit sad to leave my life here for three months. But today it feels better. Now I am stressed about forgetting to pack something important instead. How do you pack for three month? When I had packed everything I was really close to manage with only one suitcase of 20 kg (except carry-on with computer and books). So I had to strip it down a bit, just sorting out the nice-to-have things that I don’t really use that much. Like my golden shoes and some shirts and stuff. So what did I pack? I would say that my t-shirts stands for most of the volume. And I couldn't really decide to only bring either the Hellacopters or the Graveyard hoodie, so I had to pack both. Now I’m down to 18.5 kg. Since I will be gone for so long I will have to buy everything like shampoo and stuff over there any way. So except clothes, I packed my climbing shoes in case I find some nice bouldering place. I packed my juggling balls (trying to learn), some books and a lighter jacket in case it gets warmer in March.

OMG it’s only two hours left now. My boyfriend will be joining me for the first weeks, which feels really awesome. We’ll have a couple of days together to explore NYC before RC starts. Now I have to go and enjoy our apartment and chillax a bit before we’re leaving.

Sara Lindström

The first thing Sara does when she is going to learn how to code and has installed a new IDE is to change the background theme. In Diablo III the most important things are pets, wings and using abilities that look cool. When she is not trying to learn how to code or farming pets, she likes to do handstands and go to rock concerts. After a M.Sc. degree in a little bit of everything but nothing in particular, she has done a little bit of everything but nothing in particular and finally realised that she wants to do something very particular, namely code.