Week nr 3 at Recurse Center

Posted on January 16, 2017

Woah, time flies!

Already monday week 3 here at RC, feels crazy. Sorry for not updating, just had so much to do and to think about! This post consists of two updates, one about RC and coding and one about NYC and being away from home.

RC and coding

The last week I felt it! For the first time here in NYC and at RC. You know the small, tingling sensation in the stomach, the butterflies. When everything is so much more fun than intimidating and even though your brain is hurting, you feel like you're in love. Maybe I am in love with coding! At least I’m having a crush right now. This is SO AWESOME!

So the first week here at RC was kind of overwhelming. Meeting nice awesome people but being scared about not being good enough. It was just so much to take in and to think about. I started off by reading a book and solving simple problems. After a few days I felt like it didn’t get me anywhere so I started with my space invaders again, but from scratch. I started building it at home in december, but it felt like I was just solving a bunch of problems without having a good structure for how to handle my code, especially the sprites (the images drawn out on the screen) and the key presses. So I rebuilt it with better structure, added features like a timer so my bullet would fly smooth over the screen and started to work on collision detection (when I hit an alien with my bullet, I want it to disappear, right?). So now all of that works, yaaaay! I have a video of the game on my instagram:


Every Thursday we have an hour of presentations that you can sign up for, to show everyone what you have been working on during the week. I was a bit too scared, but then one of the facilitators pinged me and said that it would be cool to see my game. I guess I needed that push, haha. This is really a safe place to do this kind of stuff in, so I signed up. But I still feel like such a n00b and I’m just thinking that everyone already knows everything I know, which of course is not true.

However, that feeling passes quickly when I get back to my code again. It's so much fun that I don't really care. Of course I get stuck a lot and my brain hurts every day, but I get a lot of help from people around me. And sometimes, when I step away from the code, it just pops up in my head, either why the aproach I tried didn't work, or a new idea that I need to try.

New York

Okey, I have to say it, this city is growing on me. The people are nice, tolerant and accepting. The city is big but really cozy and there are a lot of awesome pubs and restaurants. It feels like a city where everyone is welcome. When I walk home in the evenings, even though it’s dark, I don’t feel as scared since there are people everywhere. Yesterday we walked over the Brooklyn bridge.

The weather is a bit interesting. Last weekend it was like -12 °C and snowing just a few days later it was 15 °C. Here are two photos to show you. One is from last Saturday and the other one is from Wednesday on my way to RC in the morning.

I think that’s all for now. Anders is going home today which feels sad, but I guess I’ll at least have time to write more updates!

Sara Lindström

The first thing Sara does when she is going to learn how to code and has installed a new IDE is to change the background theme. In Diablo III the most important things are pets, wings and using abilities that look cool. When she is not trying to learn how to code or farming pets, she likes to do handstands and go to rock concerts. After a M.Sc. degree in a little bit of everything but nothing in particular, she has done a little bit of everything but nothing in particular and finally realised that she wants to do something very particular, namely code.